New free Journey e-Book

Over the last few months I’ve been gathering my thoughts on where I’ve been and where I am going to in relation to my photography. 

Journey Book Volume I_Page_01.jpg

Creating this e-Book has allowed me to take a snapshot of my work to date from which I can reflect on for the future. It has also allowed me to share some of my work in high quality and give others some insight in to how I work and think.  

The making of this e-book has been a hugely enjoyable experience albeit with a steep learning curve that required a lot more time and effort than I'd first thought. It has been no different to creating a landscape photograph as planning, execution and output required the same high level of craftsmanship. As photographers and outdoor enthusiasts we don’t like to spend extended periods indoors in front of computer screens but this is where real graft pays off, staying positive and always picturing the end goal. 

Journey Book Volume I_Page_03.jpg


This e-book is fully interactive and easily navigated using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

I hope you enjoy this e-book and all feedback is welcome.